Friday, August 19, 2011

Daily 5

I found out today that my principal wants to have school wide reading at the end of every day (in addition to our morning reading blocks).  So I thought to myself....How am I going to do this?....Solution:  The Daily 5!  By no means am I an expert, nor do I have any sage advice, however I will blog about my experience with it.  This will be my first year doing the Daily 5 although it incorporates many things that I have already been doing.  I have read many rave reviews and it seems like something that I can easily incorporate into my classroom.   Check out these amazing blogs for FREE anchor charts, signs, and descriptions about the Daily 5.

Daily 5 Handbook

The Polka Dot Patch
Great Daily 5 Signs and CAFE menu signs (this is where I got my Daily 5 signs)

CAFE menu signs (this is where I got the ones for my class)

First Grade O.W.L.s

CAFE menu signs (4 styles) and strategy cards

Since I don't have a spot in my classroom for a large pocket chart to keep track of who chose what for the day, I mad a Daily 5 Choices chart which I will laminate and use dry erase or visa vis marker to check which choice the student made and write the date when I met with them that week.



  1. Victoria-I am obsessed with the daily 5 and cafe!!!!! I just got the cafe book in the mail and I have also ordered the daily 5 book! I will let you borrow them when I am done! :) I have also found some great ideas on different blogs! One that I LOVE and made in my classroom, is boggle. I will try to post a pic later...there is also a worksheet to go with it! Super cute!

  2. Thanks Cassie! I would love to borrow the books. ;) I've seen some pictures of the Boggle boards. Too cute! I look forward to seeing the one that you made.


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